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Welcome to the to Mary Kay! We are so excited to have you as a part of our MILLION $$ UNIT! I am so excited to mentor you into the position that you desire! Your excitment is just the beginning of great things to come! Here are a few things to focus on before your Starter Kit arrives!

Your New Consultant Packet!
But Who Would I Sell To?
Success =Your Personal Use
Ready Set Sell Brochure
Current Ordering Bonus Chart ending xxxxx, 2004
Be a Star Consultant When You Are Brand New!
10 Reasons Why you should attend your meetings
Listen to all your tapes!

Mary Kay Starter Kit
Here Are Just Some of the Mary Kay Products You Can Purchase 

Mary Kay Starter Kit - Invest Just $100 (plus tax and shipping)


Okay, it's time to purchase your inventory! How much? What do I buy? The following document will help you make a wise inventory decision to fit your business needs.

Inventory management/ Star Consultants
CLICK HERE: Your Cosmetic Store


11 Ways to Purchase Inventory (Thank you Pam Shaw) - click here


Are you interested in increasing your inventory? This is a great source for a very good loan. Here’s an updated number for Anita Jimenez who helps us with loan applications for MK consultant’s inventories. They provide 24 hour turn around and loan completion time and work with lots of Mary Kay folks. Click here for application.

New phone number (510) 794-7898, however still at the same location with same fax number.

Understanding Your Order - click here for article

  Opening Your Store!      

US Bank Visa 402-484-3784 *Same day card # & expiration date!
Citi Advantage Air Miles Mastercard []
Unit Milage Plus Air Miles Visa []
Platinum Miles One Visa []

Let's Get Started!

POWER START & Perfect Start Tracking Sheet
Booking Your POWER or Perfect Start
Call Eileen's Hotline! xxx--xxx-xxxx

  Getting Financially Fit  

Weekly Accomplishment Sheet Instructions
Weekly Accomplishment Sheets
Example Business Tracking Register

Smart Start  

New consultants can work smarter, not harder, with two great options to launch their Mary Kay business now featured on the Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement:

The Smart Start business package includes 30 personalized business cards, Beauty Books mailed to up to 30 potential customers, plus 30 business-building tips e-mailed within 30 days.Available exclusively to new Independent Beauty Consultants for only $10 plus applicable tax.

This allows you the opportunity to provide the ultimate in customer convenience with 24/7 online shopping. New Independent Beauty Consultants receive 50 percent off the annual subscription rate of $50 ($25 plus applicable tax) — a great cost savings!

Smart Start Information

Smart Start
New consultants can work smarter, not harder, with two great options to launch their Mary Kay business now featured on the Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement:

The Smart Start business package includes 30 personalized business cards, Beauty Books mailed to up to 30 potential customers, plus 30 business-building tips e-mailed within 30 days.Available exclusively to new Independent Beauty Consultants for only $10 plus applicable tax.

This allows you the opportunity to provide the ultimate in customer convenience with 24/7 online shopping. New Independent Beauty Consultants receive 50 percent off the annual subscription rate of $50 ($25 plus applicable tax) — a great cost savings!


Brain Book
Click here for details
  Website Information  

Mary Kay Intouch Website Information - Get yourname@marykay.comemail address
(Thank you Gale Parr for sharing this information with everyone)

I would like to suggest that everyone log onto www.MaryKayInTouch.comand sign up for their personal MaryKay email address. It will NOT change anything about the email address you already have..... It is NOT an actual email/internet provided.... it is just a "middle man".

There are THREE very GOOD reasons for getting one:

1) You can have your business cards printed with your MK email address and never have to throw away any printed cards if you change your personal email address or companies....(i.e. from AOL to MSN...etc.) Because if you change your personal email address, you just go to MaryKayInTouch and update your email profile with your new provider. This way your customers will never lose track of you or have to update their records….which could be a pain.

2) With a MaryKay email, you are advertising to ALL you come into contact with that you are in MARY KAY, just by giving them your email address. ( says nothing about my business where Gayle.Parr@marykay.comDOES!!!!)

3) And I just found out today.... that anything sent through your MK email address is filtered for any viruses or dangerous attachments BEFORE it ever comes to your personal email....WOW, a virus protector that we DO NOT have to pay for or KEEP UPDATED! For more information on this advantage read the paragraph I pasted from the MaryKayInTouch Web site below...

Will my computer be safe from viruses if I use the e-mail address?

All e-mail sent to will pass through our anti-virus software. In an effort to protect our computers and yours, any known dangerous attachments will be removed.

  Learn Mary Kay  

New Consultants this is so much fun!!! I wish I had it this easy never having to look for papers :) yes that's correct you have everything right at your fingertips. Just click below and visit the Mary Kay Community and the click on MK Learn! Or log on to and click Learn MK. It's just that simple and you will find all the answers to everything you want to know about your business.

  Legal Ease  

A Note About Selling Mary Kay® Products
It is very important that you do not sell Mary Kay® products through online auction pages or at flea markets or swap meets. As Mary Kay said, “You can’t sell a Cadillac in a junk yard!”

Selling Mary Kay® products in these retail environments can cause concern about the quality of Mary Kay® products, consumer health and safety, theft and sale of stolen goods and other “gray market” activities. It also is a violation of your Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement.

Some states, including Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Utah, now have laws specifically restricting or prohibiting the sale of cosmetics at such events. In fact, Mary Kay Inc. and other industry associates have crafted model state legislation aimed at limiting sales of certain health and cosmetic products at flea markets. If you would like a copy of this model legislation to share with lawmakers in your state, please contact Legal Resources at (972) 687-5777 or via e-mail at

  Money Management    

Discount Structure to be Simplified (Published 03.28.03)
Great news! After discussions with independent sales force members at every step on the career path, we have become aware that our current discount structure is causing confusion, and that ever since we began offering a 50 percent discount on orders of $400 suggested retail or more, there has been virtually no reason to place a $300 suggested retail order at a 40 percent discount.

As you know, for only $20 more cost to Consultants, they receive $100 more in suggested retail product when they take advantage of the 50 percent discount vs. 40 percent discount at $300 suggested retail.

Amount of Suggested Retail Order: $300 $400 (+$100)
Discount 40% 50%
Wholesale Cost $180 $200 (+$20)
Potential Profit When Sold at Suggested Retail $120 $200

Therefore, effective with the June 16,2003 Consultant order form, we will simplify the discount structure by offering only one discount level, a 50 percent discount on orders of $400 suggested retail or more.

Also to simplify and align with the discount structure, the minimum active status requirement also changes to $200 wholesale. The Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement will be updated to reflect this change. It is very important that a recruiter ALWAYS use the most current Agreement. New Independent Beauty Consultant Agreements will be available beginning May 16 and will have the code F/03. You’ll be able to easily identify this version because the section where a new Independent Beauty Consultant fills in her personal information, including her name, address, etc., is highlighted in pink.

You’ll want to make sure that any new Consultants who sign their Independent Beauty Consultant Agreements in June know that this change is effective June 16. You can assure them, however, that if they submit a minimum $180 wholesale Section 1 order June 1–15, they still will be considered active in June, July and August.

Notice of Amendments

To Independent Sales Director and Independent Beauty Consultant Agreements:

This provides notice that the terms of your Independent Sales Director Agreement will be amended effective June 16, 2003. At that time, any reference to “minimum $180 wholesale Section 1 order” within the Independent Sales Director Agreement shall be replaced with “minimum $200 wholesale Section 1 order.”

This change, of course, impacts the Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement. We’ve also taken this opportunity to update the Agreement with an amendment that protects the confidentiality of information that may be supplied to the Company by you and your customers in conjunction with optional programs like the Preferred Customer Program and the myCustomers™ program. The following will be announced in the June issue of Applause® magazine:

This provides notice that the terms of your Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement will be amended effective June 16, 2003. The amendments below are reflected on the F/03 version of the Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement available beginning May 16, 2003.

1. The last sentence in Section B.2 has been changed to include the asterisk and the bolded addendum below:

An Independent Beauty Consultant is considered “active” in the month a minimum $180* wholesale Section 1 product order is received by Company and in the following two calendar months.

*Effective June 16, 2003, “$180” becomes “$200.”
2. Because the Company is mindful of your and your customers’ privacy, Section B.9 has been deleted entirely and has been replaced with:

Customer names and addresses furnished by Beauty Consultant to Company in connection with optional programs shall remain the sole property of Beauty Consultant and will not be used by Company or disclosed by Company to other parties without Beauty Consultant’s permission, except as may be required by law.

Gary Jinks
Senior Vice President, Sales
Mary Kay Inc

  How to Create Your Money Tree
Click here (Tammy Crayk)
Market Advice

Always remember the product on your shelf is like money in the bank......only it doubles!!!!!!!!!

If you had purchased $1,000 worth of Nortel stock a year ago, it would be worth $49 now.

If you had purchased $1,000 worth of Enron stock, it would be worth $16.50 today.

If you purchased $1,000 worth of WorldCom stock a year ago, it is worthless today.

If you had purchased $1000 worth of Mary Kay inventory it would be worth $2000 and when you sell it those customers will bring you thousands of dollars in reorders and recruiting commissions and might even be your Million $$$$ girlfriends!

So, where will you place your money?

I have a Million $ Belief in YOU! Love,


Miscellaneous Tips on Money Management
Your Financial Education Newletter - click here

Organizing Your Office

Focus Notebook

You've recently started your Mary Kay business. Like most new consultants you are feeling totally overwhelmed right now. And you have questions: Who should train me? Where will I get ideas from? What are the best techniques for me to use? What do I have to do, and how do I manage my life while I do it all? And you know you have to get the answers to these questions, but don't know whom to ask or where to start. This document will help you create a notebook that will help to resolve these concerns.

  Time Management  

The following documents are designed to help you grow your Mary Kay business.

• Time Management Begins With Your 6 Most Important Things List - click here

• Moms
• Working as a Single Mom
• Supporting your family with Mary Kay Income

This great time management tool created by one of the top women in Mary Kay, National Sales Director Pamela Shaw.

This book says everything you need to help you recruit

"More Than A Pink Cadillac" is well on it's way to becoming a #1 bestseller!
That’s incredible news indicating that Mary Kay’s principles and practices are finding a large audience among business, nonfiction and even how-to books.
What’s more, the book also hit these best-seller lists:

The Wall Street Journal’s business book list
New York Times Best Seller list

Preferred Customer Program
Thanks Julie Potts

Did you know....customers compare? I have a customer that loves to flaunt what I give her to her friend who doesn't get PC gifts from her consultant....dar

What is PCP-Preferred Customer Program?

• A brochure with free gift with purchase ad that is mailed out by the company 4 times a year to your clients

• You give the company a list of clients or family or friends for YOUR mailers

•Each mailer has a personalized note from you-or think that-and your phone number

Why PCP?

• To get a current brochure in your clients hands 4 times a year, or more if you opt for the additional mailers

• To save you the time of addressing and mailing brochures

• To save you money because the company mails in bulk...for less!

• To look professional to your clients

• To sell more products with the 'free gift"

What if I don't have enough clients yet?

• I have always added who I think will become a client over the next 4 months. Holiday brochure sign up is now in August...who will be your clients. It's only 50 cents per name.

Should I enroll in optional monthly mailings?

• I say yes, that way they get the latest info, plus your clients are hearing from you every month. Clients find new Consultants because they don't hear back from their Consultant. I am in my customers face 2 or 3 times a month-one mailing, one email and one phone call...MINIMUM. They have never told me that they hear from me too much...they thank me for keeping them informed!!! I just finished my 2nd year of Court of Sales and it wasn't even a goal of mine. I did it last year and now I have built up a loyal client part, thanks to the PCP program!

How do I enroll?

• by Aug 22nd or by mail by Aug 8th OR send with someone to Seminar and get your first lip compact for only $1!!

Benefits of enrolling on-line

• open 24/7/365
• pick choose which clients get which optional mailers
• skip clients per mailer without having to completely delete them
• use the enrollment for following up with clients

How to Maximize the benefits of PCP...

• Don’t let the phone scare you. Try putting a mirror in front of the phone and smiling into it while you’re talking.

• If making yourself call customers to follow up is difficult, set aside a special time just for phone calls. Doing this can help you focus on the task at hand. You could practice by calling friends first.

• Keep the latest Preferred Customer Program brochure by your phone so you don’t have to search for it when you’re ready to make your calls.

• Keep your Preferred Customer Program customer list by the phone and check off the names as you make your way down the list. Make sure you try to reach everyone you’ve enrolled.

• Wait at least one week after the Preferred Customer mailing, then begin your follow-up phone calls.

• Remind yourself that your profit from selling one lipstick in an hour of phone calls just about equals minimum wage. Try for more!

• When you reach your customer, you could say, “Hi Susan, this is Ann, your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. Do you have a minute? Great! Did you get The Look catalog? Isn’t it beautiful? What would you like to purchase? Anything else? Great!” Be sure to mention the gift with purchase, but try not to spend a great deal of time on the phone just chatting — it cuts into your designated phone time and may annoy your customer.

• Use those leftover premiums! They make great thank-you gifts for hostesses or gifts with purchase for new customers!

• Try scheduling open houses at the beginning of each Preferred Customer promotion. That way you always have something special to show your customers. And you can see more customers in a shorter period of time.

• If you’re a new Consultant, you may want to enroll friends and neighbors who aren’t yet customers. The Preferred Customer Program is a great way to let them know you’ve started your Mary Kay business!

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